A signature loan can provide much needed financial assistance when a dire situation arises and leaves a family scrambling to find money. Borrowers who aren’t familiar with a signature loan may be afraid of taking on debt. Don’t let horror stories of other lending options leave a family without the resources they need. Understanding the essential elements of a signature loan product can help anyone feel good about borrowing money, and allow them to get the financial support they need to make ends meet. Here is a brief overview of the benefits associated with a loan product of this type.

Quick Payoff Time

A borrower who has had bad experiences with payday loans and credit cards may not realize the many benefits and differences associated with signature loans. One of the best features is that the loan will have a satisfaction date, which will range anywhere from 1 to 5 years from the disbursement of the loan funds. Borrowers who make additional payments can see their balance decline even quicker, and satisfy a loan in no time.

Lower Interest Rate

Credit card companies are notorious for charging sky-high interest rates and locking customers into using them and perpetuating their debt. Signature loans are not a revolving line of credit, so the amount due cannot increase, and the interest rate charged by most loan providers is much cheaper than those that are associated with credit card companies. Save money by opting for a premium loan product and avoiding credit cards with high fees and interest charges.

Large Loan Amounts

Signature loans are available in a wide array of sums, which can help an individual gain access to the money they need to address significant expenditures. With a poor credit score, individuals may have trouble being approved for a credit card. Don’t let that lead to a feeling of hopelessness, when a signature loan can give anyone access to the amount of cash they need to address any outstanding expenses.

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