SoCal Tech Versus Silicon Valley

You thought that all of the innovative tech only exist in Silicon Valley?

You have to know that it is not true, there is another place that have great innovative tech as well.

You have to know that SoCal is moving closer and closer to Silicon Valley. You have to know that SoCal Bay Area has been the dominating place where all of the innovative work have been moving up. SoCal cities have been pushing through and have been making Silicon Valley worry about competition.

How in the world is SoCal tech making the great Silicon Valley worry about competition. You should do some research and read about the important details about the whole business world and how tech rivalry is budding up the whole economy.

People have to understand that there will be a lot of things you have to go through when you are looking for the best information in the area, it is not easy trying to look for the while obviously, the number of good best information are just too much too have a look at each one, the option to do tight now, because of today’s era, research is always a good thing to do when you are looking for the most informative one.

You need to know that all of the resources being abundant these days is because of how technology is helping it grow.
Southern California is known to have a lot of top notch schools that are teaching modern technology and that is a huge advantage coming from Southern California. This means that a huge number of tech developers and engineers will be coming from Southern California.

You have to know that a lot of the founders of modern tech innovations right now like Tinder, Box and Salesforce have one thing in common and that is they have founders coming from USC in Southern California. You need to know that the founder of The Honest Company and Uber came from the same school, Travis Kalanik from UCLA, founder of Uber and Brian Lee, founder of The Honest Company also coming from UCLA in Southern California.

But you need to understand that the thriving tech world is not all about talent. You will not be able to start with your business if you have no capital to fund the whole project.

You need to know that the only way you can start with the business is to apply for a business loan in California. If you are lucky enough, you can have an angel investor. It is clear to see that the whole network of funding in LA is getting a bit more stable each day. Some of the investors aim for investing in Los Angelos investing, they are namely Ashton Kutcher, Paige Craig, Mark Suster and Troy Carter.

They aim to help the E-commerce in Socal.