Policies Every Startup Should Have.

The policies that a business has in place speak volumes concerning it. As a recognized or even a startup company, it isn’t right to ask your workers to deliver a doctor’s note for them to qualify for a sick leave or in the case that your worker has lost a loved one, they are not permitted to miss work until they present a funeral note. That is not acceptable and it will only result to resistance from the employees. Through such barbaric policies, you will prevent productive employees from working hard. Consequently, you will be doing more damage to your company than you’d have envisioned. Below are some of the business policies every startup should have.

The first policy that you should implement is the anti-harassment policies. It’s the right of every employee to operate in a secure and productive atmosphere. If your employee’s are being bullied and harassed; it’s evident that they’re not working under comfy or required conditions. Therefore, it is necessary that you have an anti-harassment coverage that will outline certain behaviors that will not be tolerated at any price and also the victims of harassment and bullying may openly report to them. The list should also have a clearly defined list of the consequences for those who display negative behavior towards their fellow employees. In order to unite you employees, it is advised that you arrange things like team building exercises and company retreats in order for your employees mingle and get to know each other . This is the only way they will be able to work together and be productive. Two heads are always better than one.

The other policy to implement is reward policy. If you reward your employees for good work, they should always be encouraged to work hard and deliver since it’s required. The rewards could include promotions, pay rise or even gift hampers at the end of every financial year. By doing this, you are going to encourage all employees to deliver so that they also walk away with a reward. Instead of setting your employees against each other, you will be bringing them together so that they work as a team and achieve all the goals set by the company.

The other coverage is documentation policies. Each and every company should have documentation coverages. When an employee or new data comes in, it is able to be stored properly for future reference. A documentation policy simply means using a set of rules regarding metadata. For your records to be whole; everybody needs to use the same system.

The other policy is customer support policy. In order for your organization to succeed, you customers must be treated with utmost respect. You need to train your Employees on how to handle clients properly.

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